Service, Diligence, Excellence.

Shin Duk Electronics

Shin Duk Electronics is a PCB supplier from South Korea that has been a forerunner in the field since 1990.

We supply PCBs and Electronic Assembly Services to North American and European companies and have had a very good working relationship over the years. As a company we offer services that are of the highest standards that are appreciated by current and new clients from overseas.

Our International Marketing General Manager is on call round the clock and will respond to any requests or issues the client wants to discuss. He is a Canadian and understands international business needs. We also have a production manager available hourly to provide any info that is required by our customers. We can reply to requests within 24hrs.

We can also assure our clients very best of Quality and Delivery with competitive prices that can be appreciated.

Please feel free to contact us to utilize the services that our company provides and experience our production and service abilities.